Tantric massage has its focus on enjoying the body and sensuality. The technique is based on bodily pleasure and makes use of soft stroking, touching and when wished for feathers and other attributes to enhance the sensual and relaxing feeling during the massage. A little harder approach is also quite common, attributes will not be used and the stroking and kneading of the body will be less soft to optimize the pleasure during the massage.

In a tantric massage every part of the body will be treated. Contrary to other massage techniques tantric massage has no specific rules and can be steered into the direction the client wishes. Preferences can be discussed before the tantric massage starts to make sure the massage lives up to the expectations of the client and the masseuse. A professional masseuse can make the body and mind relaxes and makes sure the massage will be a sensual as well as a spiritual healing experience.

Body to body massage is an exciting way to relax the body and mind with an erotic touch. The masseuse will use several techniques to treat the body and will make use of not only her hands, but her whole body to give an relaxing and arousing massage. This passionate massage is performed in a quiet and relaxing environment to ensure privacy and give both the client and masseuse the opportunity to enjoy the body to body massage to the fullest. This massage is done by the most professional massage therapists in London.

A body to body massage can be done with oil. The massage will usually start with using the hands to stroke, kneed and slide to help the body and mind relax. After that the professional massage therapist will start using her whole body to glide over the client and give the massage its sensual and erotic feel. This unique massage is a very popular treatment in London and performed by experienced masseuses. The body to body massage can make the client feel aroused and build up ones sexual feelings and awareness of his sexual identity. When requested essential oils and scents can be used to give the massage an extra touch.

Sensual massage can greatly enrich, decorate, and add variety to your sex life. It is divided into professional and partnership, and can be done to improve health as well as at the time of intimacy, in addition to the game of love.

Awakening the vital energy, it opens unlimited possibilities for the realization and implementation of the most daring fantasies and ideas. Depending on the facility through which energy passes, sensual massage can turn into a dance, fight, or a demonstration of skill.

When there are two energies - male and female, merging and dissolving into each other, born unusual experiences that can be described as a bodily-spiritual mystic ecstasy. Delivering a pleasant sensation to another, existing on the "same wavelength", giving joy and pleasure to your partner, you can experience this excitement and enthusiasm only with sensual massage London. You are exchanging energy during a massage, because the giving, you can and get the same!

For a special experience, allow yourself to take up by two ladies. The 4-Hands Massage is a refinement of symmetrical massage given by a large amount nature hot oil. Long strokes over the body which evenly on both sides of the body are used.



Nuru Massage is an ancient Japanese art type of erotic slide massage. The Japanese word "Nuru" means "slippery". It is performed with Nuru oil and bare skin. This kind of erotic massage is actually a full body-to-body sensual massager which is performed amongst two naked individuals with a special variety of massage gel which is called Nuru massage gel or simply nuru gel.